All about playing slot machines types and rules

Slots are very popular gambling game, which you could easily find in each online or land-based casino through the world.

During 120 years slots history there have been developed so many playing slot machines types that it is really easy to be confused about the specific rules and gaming conditions, which are provided by different kinds of on line slot games.

In order to help you not to lose your head in slots huge variety let us classify them in the following way.

Classic slots

Classic slots, or traditional slots, are the oldest slot type, which commonly offers just three reels and one pay line that is usually presented by the middle row on drums.

Classic slots are the best start for playing slots at all as they have rather simple rules, which are also used for other slots types with some extensions.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots comprise quite wide range of slot machines and could be equipped with 3, 5, 7 and more reels, which means that there are more possibilities for different pay lines and winnings accordingly.

Though, the main alluring feature of progressive slots concerns the value of their jackpot, which could reach sometimes even 1 million dollars and more. The sense is that progressive machines are included into networks consisting of 5-10 other apparatus while the jackpot amount increases proportionally to each bet made on any of the joined apparatus.

The key point here is to stake maximum value of coins in order to hit progressive jackpot, otherwise you would just waste tour money; therefore, progressive slots are a good choice for risk-loving gamblers with significant bankroll amount.

Multiplier slots

Multiplier slots could be divided into two main groups: regular and bonus multiplier playing slot machines.

The first kind provides no additional increase of slots jackpot if players make high valued bets, therefore regular slot games are optimal for risk-averse gamblers or those, who manage rather small bankroll.

Bonus multiplier slots offer jackpot winnings that rise correspondingly to the values of bets that gamblers make. Moreover, their growth relates to the quantity of coins inserted in progressive way, which means that if players put 2 coins, they could win 4 coins while betting 4 coins initially gamblers might be rewarded with 12 coins instead of 8 ones.

Bonus slots

Bonus slots are similar to other slots types in their playing rules but also offer a possibility of either free spins or additional bonus games, which could consist of several levels sometimes.

Usually, bonus games become available if gamblers get a certain winning combination on particular reels and could provide extra payouts of rather high value.