Progressive Slots

There are some people that are out there playing slots, hoping for the one jackpot that will change everything for them. Because of this, there are a lot of people out there who look at progressive jackpots on slot machines. What makes a progressive jackpot different from a traditional jackpot is the fact that the more people play the machines, the higher the jackpot gets. These machines can sometimes be linked to a group of slot machines, pulling in a net amount from each machine and creating one large jackpot.

Depending on how much you bet and which symbols match up, you may have a greater jackpot than other instances. It is important that you read the payout charts and become familiar with how these machines work so that you can get the most money from your slot machine.

However, a jackpot this large is not very easy to win. In fact, your odds of being hit by lightning are higher than winning a progressive jackpot. This doesn't mean that you should completely give up on the idea of winning, but it just helps to put things into perspective.

Types of Machines

As stated earlier, there are several different progressive slot machines that are available. The first of these is known as the stand alone progressive slot machine. This machine is not linked to a network of other machines, meaning that the progressive jackpot is derived from all players who go to that specific machine. These machines have a lower payout than those that are linked together, but still offer up a good amount of money if the correct symbols line up.

In house progressive jackpots are the second type of progressive machine, which are connected to one another based on the casino. These jackpots are higher than the stand alone machines, but higher jackpots are offered. The highest jackpots are given through the wide area progressive machine. These machines are linked to several different casinos, creating an outrageous and life changing amount to win.

It should be noted that the wide area slots do cost more to play and have a lower rate of winning because so many casinos have to work together to keep them running. Because of the higher cost, the chances of you winning are slim, but not impossible.

If you decide to play one of these progressive jackpot machines, make sure you set a limit for yourself. You don't want to end up spending all of your money on this one machine. However, it might not hurt to see if luck is on your side and play a few rounds. You might just end up winning enough to change your life.