Popular slots games and their advantages

Slots games originated in 1985 when Charles Fey invented the first slots machines, which did not include even famous funny fruit symbols on their reels.

During 120 years of slots history there have been a huge amount of various modifications and extensions of slots apparatus and nowadays it seems that there exists no gambler who would not be satisfied with playing conditions proposed by some type of playing slot machines.

However, there are particular slot games that appear to be the most widespread and commonly played all over the world. Let us present you the list of most popular slots according to the recent gambling researches, so you could enjoy gambling plays of the highest quality.

Alien Video Slots

There is a huge amount of slots machines, which are themed with different cosmic pictures including scaring alien invasions' video portions.

It could sound quite surprisingly, but the last research held by International Game Technology (IGT) discovered that horror Alien Video Slots beat even classic Fruit Slots Machines.

The main hero of the play is an Alien, which is equipped with laser guns and could travel to different planets and even galaxies on several spaceships.

The game also provides rather favorable payout rate, wide range of bets' values and favorable slots odds.

Treasure Island Slots

The second place of slots hit parade is occupied by Treasure Island Slots game, which is a bright example of successful adventure play.

Although the game provides just three reels and one pay line, it offers profitable slots bonuses consisting of several levels.

The play is supported with Microgaming software mainly, which offers really attractive graphic design with alluring pictures of gold coins and luxurious pieces of jewels.

Cleopatra Slots

Cleopatra slots machine is one of the most recent gaming inventions and is equipped with 5 reels and 20 pay lines, which could be placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The game stands out against of a background of other games dedicated to ancient times due to its highly realistic sound effects and true graphic design of pyramids and Egyptian Sphinxes.

In addition, Cleopatra slots offer a vast amount of different bonus levels, free spins and extra scattered and wild symbols.

Megabucks Slots

Megabucks plays are one of the most popular slots games ever. They are designed for really inveterate gamblers who are eager for highly challenging tasks.

The sense is that Megabucks slot machines have 5 reels, which provides 60 paylines with even more winning symbols combinations.

Although, Megabucks slots offer rather low payout rate of 90%, the shortcoming is compensated with huge value of potential progressive slots jackpots.