On line slot games variety

Slots, or one-armed bandits, are rather popular and widespread casino entertainments and are widely presented both in brick and mortar and online casinos all over the world.

A bit of slots history

Slots history seems to begin in 1985 with an invention of first slot machine called the Liberty Bell by the father of slots gambling talented American industrial employee Charles August Fey.

His first playing slot machines differed from modern gaming apparatus significantly: they were made of iron, weighted over 100 pounds, had no specific gooseneck entry for coins and did not have even famous fruit symbols, which are so strictly associated with on line slot games nowadays.

The next determining milestone in slots history is connected to Stephen Mill and his Mills Novelty Company that was also deeply involved in gaming industry and helped Charles Fey with the next slot apparatus modification significantly. In 1907 those guys developed Mills Liberty Bell, which firstly introduced slots fruit symbols.

In the mid 1950s electro-mechanical slot machines were designed and rapidly gained wide popularity among gamblers while replacing completely the older mechanical apparatus.

At early 1980s the new kind of computerized on line slot machines was introduced due to vast possibilities provided by sophisticated high technologies.

Slots rules

Probably, the secret of slots popularity is hidden in their playing rules' simplicity. The main thing you should always remember to do before gambling on line slot machines is to look carefully at all the information provided in slots pay table, which is specific for each apparatus.

Basic slots rules demand that players know by heart a list of all available winning symbol combinations and their payoffs, the quantity of paylines, credit values and the rate of payout for certain slot machine.

There are a lot of slots types, which differ not only with their themed slot symbols (as you could think at first sight), but also with quite crucial for your rewards characteristics. Gamblers should keep in mind all the gaming conditions in order to adjust their playing strategies to specific slot machines features.

For instance, if play progressive jackpot apparatus you should make bets of maximum coins to beat the house, otherwise your winning chances are very small.

The other common rule states that the more paylines are provided in slot machine, the more chances to win you would have in long run. However, pay lines' quantity is usually connected to credit value indices, which are higher for slot games of large potential jackpot.